On November 12, 2003, in Nassiriyah, a cowardly and bastard attack to Maestrale Italian base killed 19 italian people, who were there in peace mission. A mission linked to the consequences of politic foolishness of George Bush, the Presiden of United States of America, who,  covered by a mountain of lies, invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003. together with English army and with the support of other countries, with the pretext of mass destruction army destruction that Iraq should have. Armies That Saddam Hussein used mostly  against Kurdish people, and slaughetring a lot of people. Those destruction arms, or what was left in Saddam's hands, weren't found. Instead , they found severa common ditches with hundred of deads.

After Saddam Hussein was defeated, Italian Governement decided to send a peace keeping mission to Iraq, just like many other country. to rebuild Iraq. World Community appreciated very much italian Job.

There were only some people that doesn't appreciate the job that Italian and other country armies were doing there, where Saddam last loyal terrorist, made several attack to soldiers of every country and against journalist. Nor American troops succeded to beat guerrilla, that on that day sent a truck full of explosive against Maestrale base, slaughtering soldiers and  civili people.

I am  and I have always been against alla war, I've done military service without any enthusiam, but i did so well that i was never sent to punishmnent, so i could leave as soon as  possible barracks, when I can, to stay inside the less i Could do. My father's best friend, since 1948 did military service with him. I don't want to remeber anything of that period and I don't have anything to remember.

I don't like peace keeping mission, since the first untill the next and untill the last.

When I heard the notice about Maestrale base atack on Novembre, 12, 2003, a indescribable anger kept me and I was full of sadness and disbelief for that guys, who were there to help a country and that were killed in taht way, without any chance of defending themselves: but they were there not to fight. Terrorist attacks killed a olt of people and they still do, killing Americans, English, and other country people. After Nassiriyah, other Italian soldiers left life in peace keeping: 37 people die for Iraq Peace.