The work started on Novembre, 12, 2007, the fourth year  slaughter day.

Someone decided that way, for those guys.

The job had to be finished on March, 31, 2008, but (this time for a clear Beni Culturali Secretary), everything had to be completed on March, 28, 2008 for a political  purpose: someone wanted to have a red carpet on the monument for coming political elections. To give up a pubblic job without delay, in Italy, is very very rare and unbelievable!

Opening was on March, 30, 2008, without any political intervention by anyone, for a clear desire of Republic President, Mr. Giorgio Napolitano. Those who like to have a red carpet were beaten. There was a solemn mass in  San Paolo fuori le Mura basilica, where Nassiriyah guys funeral were kept on novembre, 2006, near Shuster Park, Monument home. During the mass, a Female Italian Army Officier read Giorgio Napolitano President message. Previous President Francesco Cossiga was there.